Tim McGinnis

Medical Business Manager
Entec Polymers

Tim McGinnis is the Medical Business Manager at Entec Polymers, a division of Ravago and global leader in medical resin distribution. He began his medical career at Johnson & Johnson's Ethicon and Ethicon Endo-Surgery divisions as a clinical sales manager, working directly with surgeons and clinicians in the operating room before transitioning into market development roles at J&J. In 2006 he joined DSM as the Global Medical Sales and Marketing Manager, establishing DSM Biomedical, LLC and bringing a portfolio of high-value implant materials and technologies to the medical market. Prior to joining Entec in 2014, he was the North American medical market development manager at Celanese. Over the past 16 years Tim has developed a wide range of product and material expertise which he leverages with product development and engineering teams on appropriate medical material specification.