Linda Lybert

Founder/Executive Director
Healthcare Surfaces Summit

Linda Lybert is President of Healthcare Surface Consulting and the Founder and Executive Director of the Healthcare Surfaces Summit. For the last 20 years she has crusaded and educated professionals about the active role surfaces play in the spread of pathogens that can cause deadly infections. Her focus is on the holistic problem and the Seven Aspects that must be addressed to find sustainable solutions.

She founded the Healthcare Surfaces Summit realizing that there were many silos of expertise working to find solutions to one aspect of the problem. All areas of expertise hold critical information that when brought together provides valuable insight and opportunities to create multimodal solutions for sustainable results.

Linda has served as a surfaces expert on the FGI Guidelines for the Design and Construction of Healthcare Facilities Revision Committee where she was a vital contributor of the first Ideal Surface Characteristic guidelines published in 2006. She was appointed to the ASHE Facility Planning Design and Construction Committee and was instrumental in the creation and development of the ASHE Health Care Construction: Subcontractor Program. She is an active member of ASHE and APIC and continues to impact the healthcare industry through speaking events and her consulting practice.