Critical considerations for successful development, validation and product lifecycle in medical packaging: a perspective from 40 years of dedicated industry support - Hosted by Eastman Chemical Company

Tue. February 5| 11:45 AM - 1:00 PM | 212AB

Audience Level: All

Show: General

Track: Lunch & Learns

Focus: 3D Printing, Contract Manufacturing, Design & Product Development, F&B Packaging, Injection Molding, Labels & Labelling, Materials, Robotics & Automation

Packaging materials are at the core of what makes it possible to successfully deliver a sterile device to the healthcare facility and, most importantly, to the patient. In this session we will review key factors and considerations for thermoformed packaging development, validation, commercialization and compliance. Participants will come away with a greater understanding of the many important aspects involved in selecting the right packaging materials, including critical performance criteria for the application. Topics related to sustainability in medical packaging will also be covered.

The key focus of this session will be on risk mitigation — how to ensure optimal packaging performance in terms of sterility of the barrier, but also how to achieve a holistic approach to cost avoidance through careful consideration of materials and suppliers. From proper handling of polymeric raw materials, to sheet extrusion and thermoforming -- the right set of choices and decisions can help influence the integrity and cost effectiveness of the final packaging. However, the challenge does not end once the new material has been qualified and validated. To help ensure that each sterile package produced continues to deliver on its promise, it's important to also consider the product life after validation. How a supplier approaches the support for their products, and the services they offer, can make the difference between being set up for success versus falling short on long-term expectations.

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Aneta Clark

Aneta Clark

Market Development Manager, SP-Medical Packaging

Eastman Chemical Compmany

Role: Speaker

Wes Peer

Wes Peer

Applications Development Scientist

Eastman Chemical Company

Role: Speaker