Using Disinfectant Resistant Materials for Medical Devices Applications

Tue. February 5| 1:15 PM - 2:00 PM | 210C

Show: MD&M West 2019

Track: MD&M West: Technical Solutions

Focus: Design & Product Development, Materials

Badge Type: Paid

Against a background of increasingly more aggressive disinfectants being used in the medical sector, there is a need for improved chemical resistance thermoplastics for medical device housings. New materials leveraging LNP's copolymer technology to step beyond the performance of existing materials such as polycarbonate and polybutylene terephthalate showing compatibility to the most aggressive disinfectants in the market.

Topics covered include:
  • Chemical resistance issues seen in devices made for the hospital environment
  • Advances in superior chemical resistance materials
  • Keys to meeting product development requirement


Manish Nandi, PhD

Manish Nandi, PhD

Staff Scientist


Role: Speaker