Everything R&D Teams Need to Know About Deep Learning

Tue. February 5| 10:15 AM - 11:00 AM | 210A

Track: MD&M West: New Technology & Next-Gen Design

Focus: Design & Product Development

Badge Type: Paid

The process of building, extracting knowledge from, and interpreting AI algorithms seems complex. But building AI systems follows a replicable and intuitive process that is suited for implementation across the healthcare industry. Join expert Jesse Livezey as he covers findings from his own research about how deep learning is prepared to improve healthcare offerings.

Topics covered include:
  • Examples ranging from predictive modeling for radiology to wearable diagnostic smart tech that can save lives
  • Explore how algorithms are developed and used
  • A look at the direction AI is heading in healthcare


Jesse Livezey

Jesse Livezey

Postdoctoral Researcher

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Role: Speaker