Thermoplastic Elastomer Powder and its Benefits in Printing Medical Devices

Thu. February 7| 9:15 AM - 10:00 AM | 208B

Track: 3D Printing Innovation Summit

Focus: 3D Printing, Materials

Badge Type: Paid

As additive manufacturing gains more traction in the field of medical device development and production, there is an increased need for materials that live up to the challenges that the market demands. This session will cover how a new thermoplastic elastomer powder for 3D printing can meet 3D industry requirements of:
• Ease of printability and minimal post processing
• 100% recyclability of un-sintered powder
• High printing resolution and optics
• Capability of structural and flexural functions in the same print
• Outstanding compression and rebound properties while also meeting specific medical device needs such as sterilization via widely recognized methods
• Possibility for biocompatibility ratings


Carolin Vogel

Carolin Vogel

Advanced Applications Development Scientist

Eastman Chemical Company

Role: Speaker