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MD&M West 2019
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5 Strong Avenue
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Northhampton, MA 01060

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MachineMetrics Production Thu. Dec. 20
MachineMetrics Service Thu. Dec. 20
MachineMetrics Health Thu. Dec. 20
MachineMetrics Company Brochure Thu. Dec. 20
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About MachineMetrics

MachineMetrics is the industry's first AI-driven predictive analytics platform for discrete manufacturers and machine builders. Their award-winning Industry 4.0-ready solutions work out-of-the-box to increase equipment productivity and efficiency through edge connectivity, real-time visibility, deep manufacturing analytics and AI driven predictive and prescriptive alerts. By simplifying Industrial IoT, MachineMetrics is enabling customers to digitize and drive decisions with machine data. MachineMetrics Production: our fully automated machine monitoring & OEE software connects to all machine types to provide visualizations of real-time manufacturing production data. This empowers operators, production managers and executives to reduce bottlenecks with real-time production visibility, OEE, and downtime analysis MachineMetrics Health: enable maintenance managers to keep machines running with real-time condition monitoring. Manage machine assets and view real-time equipment status and conditions. Diagnose problems with alarm analytics and AI-driven predictive notifications. Manage preventative maintenance tasks based on usage or machine conditions. Predict equipment failures to prevent costly downtimes.